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Highlighting solutions

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Our Mission


Supporting solutions

We highlight and support initiatives and role models around the world that are providing innovative and effective answers to societal issues. We help them increase their outreach and impact.

Alternative narratives

We open-up new perspectives on societal questions in order to counter-balance mainstream narratives and show that change is possible. Our stories aim to contribute to creating alternative visions for society and elevate our common level of consciousness.

Fostering social change 

Through strategic distribution strategies, our stories aim to trigger specific emotions and concrete action from target audiences; which, we hope, will translate into acts of solidarity for oneself, for others and for the planet.


A single story can open up new perspectives
and challenge dominant narratives.
Together, we have the power to re-invent our reality. 

Our vision

Our Approach

1. Vision and target audience

What societal improvement are we aiming for and whom is the target audience?

Let’s dream. Big. If the film is going to have one concrete impact on the world, which one would that be?

Reaching a broad public is great for raising awareness on an issue; yet, sometimes, getting specific target audiences to watch the movie and react in certain ways may have much greater impact.

2. Storytelling

 Which new stories are we bringing to the world? 

Stories shape our vision of the world, they shape our culture and reality, they influence the way we think and act.

One single issue can be told in a thousand different ways, so deciding which story to tell and from which perspective will be determinant for the impact of the film.

3. Production

 Creative productions 

We produce mostly documentaries and short films, but alternative formats (podcasts, articles, etc) may sometimes be appropriate for the specific purpose and audience of a project.

We provide full video production services and a team of talented filmmakers and writers with expertise on social and development issues.

4. Impact strategy and outreach

How can we reach the audience and which action or attitude change are we looking for?  

A precise distribution strategy has to be written from the start: how can we reach the audience, through which medium, at what time and frequency.

When relevant, the production can also include concrete possibilities for action and engagement offered to the audience.



Our work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.


Our Clients and Partners

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Our Team

We work with an international network of filmmakers and experts according to the needs of every project (i.e. videographers, photographers, illustrators, graphic design, social media strategy)

Maroussia Klep

Maroussia Klep

Creative director and impact producer View Details
Emilie Sickinghe

Emilie Sickinghe

Impact producer and creative director View Details
Pauline Verhaeghe

Pauline Verhaeghe

Social impact strategist View Details
Felix Vaerman

Felix Vaerman

Sound and image editor View Details
Jose Huedo

Jose Huedo

Cinematographer and Editor View Details
Brieuc Debontridder

Brieuc Debontridder

Audiovisual producer and photographer View Details
Maroussia Klep

Maroussia Klep

Creative director and impact producer

Maroussia founded Impact Storytelling in 2015, driven by her desire to support alternative solutions and open up new perspectives that are conducive of hope and change. Before that, she worked several years as a policy analyst at OECD (Environment directorate; circular economy & waste management) and at the EU institutions (cabinet of Commissioner for external trade; and at a public affairs agency). She started her career as a development reporter at the United Nations in New York.

Maroussia holds a Master from Sciences Po Paris in International Affairs and a diploma in documentary filmmaking from the MET Film School in Berlin. At Impact Storytelling, she works both as documentary director and producer, and helps the clients and partners in framing the story and impact strategy.

Emilie Sickinghe

Emilie Sickinghe

Impact producer and creative director

A law graduate, Emilie always seeks to combine her interest for international relations with her passion for improving human relations. She started her career with an NGO in Lebanon where she gave a TedX talk on non-violence. She then joined the global campaigning platform, Avaaz, and developed her storytelling skills in parallel through ghost writing and theatre.

At Impact Storytelling, she helps our partners and clients define and implement the best projects to spread their mission and engage their audience, driven by her profound belief: “Think global, act human.”

Pauline Verhaeghe

Pauline Verhaeghe

Social impact strategist

Since graduating from the College of Europe in 2011, Pauline has been working in the field of social innovation. She first founded GoYoung, a storytelling project aimed at inspiring young people to become active citizens and gathering success stories from all over the world. Pauline then joined Ashoka, the global network of system-changing innovators, first as a communications associate then as a programme manager between Europe and Africa.

At Impact Storytelling, Pauline helps define the most effective impact strategies of each project according to its specific objectives and target audience.

Felix Vaerman

Felix Vaerman

Sound and image editor

Felix studied cinema editing and continuity story telling at Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) and the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle et des Techniques de Diffusion (INSAS). He worked as editor for many films and documentaries across Europe (Belgium, France, Switzerland, etc.). He is specialized in post-production and has a flair for assembling disparate ideas and images into engaging stories.

Jose Huedo

Jose Huedo

Cinematographer and Editor

Jose studied Industrial Design Engineering and Film at the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC). He worked as cinematographer and assistant director for a range of film projects and social documentaries, including in Spain, Mozambique, and other places in Europe. Jose knows every step of movie production, from the very beginning to the end: create a dossier, write scripts, schedule a shooting, coordinate the edition and the audio post-production. In Brussels, he is mostly working as cinematographer and editor.

Brieuc Debontridder

Brieuc Debontridder

Audiovisual producer and photographer

Brieuc worked several years in the Great Lakes Region, mostly in the DRC, with a focus on social and environmental impact management. Passionate about photography and audiovisual storytelling, he has produced several projects that question stereotypes and showcase initiatives centered on human and nature. He holds a MA in Media Education, Culture and Society with a specialization in Communication for Development. He also participated to the Photography & Human Rights program organized by Magnum Foundation in 2015.

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